Year of publication: 2018

The Commission on the Future of Localism was established to consider how to reinvigorate the localism agenda. The report argues that radical action is needed to unlock the power of community, by strengthening local institutions, devolving tangible power, resources and control, ensuring equality in community participation and driving cultural change.

Strengthening community power requires actions in four key domains:

  1. Institutions for localism
  2. Powers and mechanisms for localism
  3. Relational localism – disrupting hierarchies, embracing risk and establishing trust
  4. Capacity for localism

Initiatives to strengthen localism should be subject to six key principles:

  1. People are the end goal of localism
  2. Equality in local participation
  3. Dynamic local accountability
  4. Local leadership is built around place
  5. Localism requires meaningful powers and integrated structures

Economic power must support community responsibility

Content type: Anchor institutions

People Power: Findings from the Commission on the future of localism

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