David Devins, Jeff Gold, George Boak, Robert Garvey and Paul Willis

Year of publication: 2017

This report looks at anchor institutions in Leeds City Region, examining how the impact of these big spenders can be maximised for the region as a whole.

It shows that:

  • Ten anchors in the Leeds City Region (LCR) spend a staggering £1.4 billion a year on procuring goods and services;
  • If these ten anchors can shift 10% of their total spending to suppliers in the Leeds City Region, this could be worth an additional £168 to £196 million each year to the city-region economy;
  • It is not enough to rely on trickle-down economics to stimulate inclusive growth. The report introduces an innovative framework to encourage more and better jobs for all in anchor supply chains. The framework centres on clear policies and contract performance measures around creation of good jobs in the supply chain and use of social requirements in procurement.

Content type: Anchor institutions

Tags: Report

Maximising the local impact of anchor institutions: a case study of Leeds City Region

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