Prince’s Foundation

Year of publication: 2014

Summary of what community consultations ran by Prince’s Foundation has found communities want when considering three different types of development: estate regeneration; city and town centre regeneration; and urban extensions.

Three types of evidence inform the report findings: what was discussed and written up from the consultation process, published consultation outcomes, and interviews with consultation commissioners and participants.

Four key themes emerge of what people do not want from the built environment. People did not want:

  • their town or village to lose a strong sense of identity
  • too many tall or large buildings to be developed
  • green space to be unduly threatened from “urban sprawl”
  • any change to be too rapid, gradual nor overwhelming

The second half of the report is devoted to case studies of the three different types of development.

Content type: Placemaking

Tags: Report

Housing Communities: What People Want

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