The Institution of Civil Engineers

Year of publication: 2017

The report provides recommendations to address the economic and social challenges facing the North of England, covering governance, energy infrastructure, transport, housing and digital technologies.

The authors argue that a Council for the North, bringing together different anchor institutions, is needed to provide strategic leadership and encourage investment, driving forward the Northern Powerhouse. This investment should be provided by central Government, but also through devolved fiscal powers to regional authorities, allowing them to raise their own revenues.

The report considers each specific infrastructure area in turn. It argues that the critical housing shortage in the North of England should be addressed through a standardised approach to assessing housing need in each local authority area, as well as flexible funding mechanisms allowing local authorities to support housing development.

Both digital and transport infrastructure are identified as key drivers of economic growth in the region. The report calls for investment in new transport technology and integration, as well as broader ‘best in class’ digital infrastructure.

Finally, it argues that the North of England should focus on developing its renewable and new energy capacity, as these become more and more important to meeting the country’s energy needs.

Content type: Anchor institutions

Delivering a Northern infrastructure strategy

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