University College London

Year of publication: 2015

In looking for a new site in East London, UCL commissioned a piece of research into existing examples of university-led urban regeneration. The study meant the university's estates strategy could be informed by, and respond to, strong traditions of critical urban scholarship and practice.

There are five case studies presented:

  • Queen’s Campus, Durham University in Stockton - Widening access to higher education on a brownfield site
  • University of Cambridge, North West Cambridge Development - A new urban district on former green belt land
  • Newcastle University at Science Central - A ‘living laboratory’ for sustainability in the city centre
  • The US Models: University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia), New York University and Columbia University (NYC) - Global universities embedded in urban neighbourhoods and renewal processes
  • Lambeth Council, Brixton Green and Ovalhouse Theatre in South London - A co-operative community-led development in inner London

Each case study is broken down into historical & policy context, structures and processes, visions and narratives, translation into place, and key issues and learning points.

The report finsihes with a chronological list of policy milestones in urban regeneration and higher education.

Content type: Anchor institutions

Tags: case study

Case Studies in University-Led Urban Regeneration

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